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Letters to the Editor: Writer presents his plan

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to address the mayor’s proposed 1 percent sales tax increase to fund the upgrades to the water treatment plant, the new sewer lines and water lines for the city of Paris.

Mayor, your plan affects families from Midway to Ratcliff — all the people who shop in Paris. But those of us in the outlying areas get only the benefit of the upgrades to the water treatment plant.

Everything else goes to the citizens of the city of Paris.

I have a plan much fairer to all the citizens of the area.

Raise the electric and water rates in the city so they are equal to what the rest of us outside the city have to pay. That’s fair to everyone. Rather than giving the citizens of Paris a $144 a year bribe (and yes, it is a bribe), raise the trash rates by $1 a month and put a $1 a month sewer tax on their property tax. Raise sales taxes by 1/4 of a percent to fund the upgrades to the water treatment plant.

We all benefit from that so we all should pay for it.

This is a much fairer plan for all the citizens of the area. Those receiving the most benefit (those inside the city limits), pay the most. Those receiving the least benefit, pay the least.

But Mayor, if you won’t consider my plan, how about giving me a $144 a year bribe, too? You can take it off my property taxes.

Robert Thurman

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in defense of Rita Eckart.

I’ve been a Paris library patron for 28 years. Never have I seen a better librarian than Rita and I think she should be reinstated.

Pat McHughes, Pat Lowder and Betty Humphrey said it very well, better than I could have.

One of my concerns is that no reason was given for the firing and no one was even allowed to ask why at the meeting. Is this not still America?

Personally, this whole thing stinks. It’s our library and everyone should have a voice.

It’s not my intention to hurt anyone involved here. I just think things wrong should be made right.

Marie Appleton