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Paris woman reports kidnap attempt

A Paris woman claims a man tried to kidnap her granddaughter while she was walking to a friend’s house on North Roseville Street, according to Paris Police Department incident reports.

The woman said the reported kidnapping attempt took place around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, May 29. The attempt was reported to police the same day.

According to the incident report, the granddaughter, age 7, was walking to a friend’s house on North Roseville Street when a white Ford pickup, with thin red stripes, pulled up to her and the driver started talking to her. The seven-year-old told police the man was a white male with short red hair, blue eyes and a short red beard.

The girl says the man told her he had just come from a Paris restaurant and the man told her to get into the truck, according to the incident report.

The girl said that at that point, she ran home to her grandmother’s house.

According to the report, the girl said the man looked like someone she knows and provided officers with a name.

The report also states that the girl’s grandmother has temporary custody because (naming the suspect) “touched me in places he was not supposed to touch me.”

According to the report, the incident took placed on North Roseville Street between Mary Street and Blanche Street. The report also states that extra police patrols have been ordered for the area to watch for the vehicle.

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