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Man charged with felony animal cruelty

A 30-year-old Ozark man, free from prison on parole, was arrested last Friday and charged with aggravated animal cruelty after he allegedly beat a horse he was riding on East Klan Street.

Lonnie E. Adams of Ozark was booked into the Logan County Detention Center where he is still being held. Aggravated Animal Cruelty is a Class D felony.

He was arrested shortly after 2 p.m. after the Paris Police Department received a call about a man beating a horse with a stick, according to arrest reports.

When the police officer arrived on the scene, the officer asked Adams to stop and step down from the horse. According to the report, Adams continued riding the horse, telling the officer he needed to get the horse home. The officer writing the report stated he saw the horse limping and bleeding from the face. After refusing to stop the horse and dismount a second time, Adams steered the horse into a nearby yard.

Adams then dismounted and ran behind a mobile home, according to the incident report. He later told the officer he did that to avoid a pit bull in the yard. The officer took Adams by the arm, arrested him, handcuffed him and placed him into his patrol car. According to the arrest report, Adams told the officer “that’s how you had to treat a woman when she won’t do as she is told.” The officer responded by saying “that is no way to treat a lady or a horse,” according to the incident report.

The officer was then joined by Kathy Walker, animal control officer for the city of Paris. Adams told Walker to call his father so he could come and get the horse. The arresting officer told Adams the horse was going to the vet.

According to the incident report, the horse was bleeding from the top of her nose and in the area where the harness was around her face. The horse was also bleeding from its right rear area, according to the incident report. Walker agreed that the horse looked bad and needed to be seen by a vet, according to the report.

After arriving at the jail, jailers brought the arresting office a pair of boots worn by Adams. According to the report, the heel of a boot had a long nail driven into it and the nail was bent and “looked to be used as a make-shift spur.” The boots were taken as evidence.

Later, Walker reported to the officer that the horse was in bad shape, had been seen by a vet, had some type of contagious disease and had several cracks in the bones of its legs. The skin under the saddle was also reported as “rubbed down to where you could almost see the bone” in the horse’s spine.

According to the report, Walker told the arresting officer that the horse “was going to have to be put down because of its condition.”

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