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It’s official: Paris district has more students

The 10th day of the 2013-14 school year has come and gone and it’s now official — the Paris School District has more students enrolled than last year, according to School Superintendent Wayne Fawcett.

The Paris district reported an enrollment of 1,121 in grades pre-K to 12, Fawcett said last week. That’s an increase of six students over day 11 enrollment of 1,115 last year. It’s the second straight year for Paris to report increased enrollment. In 2011, enrollment on the 11th day of school was 1,104.

Numbers for the 11th day of school — which was Tuesday, Sept. 3 — have to be reported to the Arkansas Department of Education, according to state law. Fawcett has said they are a more accurate reading of district enrollment than numbers from the first day.

The first day of school this year was Aug. 19.

Last week, Fawcett said Paris Elementary School had 434 students enrolled, Paris Middle School had 338 students enrolled and Paris High School had 349 students enrolled.

When school began, Paris reported an enrollment of 1,134 students, which was an increase of 12 students. However, although those students were enrolled, some had not yet attended classes.

Although the district’s enrollment isn’t up as much as first thought, Fawcett was happy about the increase.

“We’ve had two years of increased enrollment,” he said. “That’s better than two years of drops in enrollment."