‘Big’ drug bust in Paris

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<p>Items seized at Paris residence: A number of stolen items, a large amount of suspected methamphetamines and marijuana, guns and cash were removed from a South Roseville Street address in Paris last week when officers served a search warrant. Paris Chief of Police John O’Brien said the amount of suspected methamphetamines was among the largest he’s ever seen. The items were taken on Wednesday, Nov. 20.</p>

Officers with the Paris Police Department, the 15th Judicial District Drug Task Force, the Magazine Police Department and the Logan County Sheriff’s Department conducted a search warrant last week at a residence on South Roseville Street in Paris and seized a large amount of suspected methamphetamines, a car reported stolen in Sallisaw, Okla., about $1,000 in cash and numerous items previously reported or suspected to have been stolen.

Paris Police Chief John O’Brien called the amount of suspected drugs seized one of the largest he’s seen in Paris.

“As far as the meth goes, it’s the largest amount I’ve seen in a while,” O’Brien said Monday. “This was a big bust.”

According to Joe Patterson, an agent with the 15th Judicial District Drug Task Force, the suspected methamphetamines seized weighed between two and three ounces, based on a field test.

“The official weight will have to come from the Arkansas Crime Lab,” Patterson said. “But, it’s a good chunk. Most of what we deal with weighs in the grams.”

Patterson estimated the street value of meth at between $1,500 and $1,800 an ounce, meaning the amount of suspected meth seized last week is worth between $3,000 and $5,400.

Also seized was seven ounces of suspected marijuana, estimated by Patterson to be worth between $525 and $560 on the street.

Three men were arrested and charged in connection with the case. They are Rob Poole, aka Rob Bates, 34 of Paris, Joe Sidney Helms, 64, and Rick Amos Brock, 53, both of Sallisaw, Okla. The three men were jailed at the Logan County Detention Center in Paris.

Poole, aka Bates, has been charged with six felonies including theft by receiving, possession of methamphetamines, possession of drug paraphernalia, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, altering or changing an engine or other numbers, and possession of a schedule IV controlled substance with intent to deliver. Helms and Brock have been charged with three felonies each, including theft by receiving, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Stolen property seized included a blue, 2003 Toyota Corolla reported stolen from Sallisaw, Okla. According to incident reports, Helms and Brock arrived at the residence in the car while officers were conducting their search.

Other stolen property seized included a camouflage game camera, a Cannon EOS camera with stabilizer lens and carrying bag, a stainless steel grill, a camouflage flack vest with trauma plate and a dirt bike with the Vehicle Identification Number removed.

O’Brien said at least 50-plus possibly stolen items were found at the residence.

“We couldn’t determine whether a lot of them were stolen because either the serial numbers had been removed or the property owner didn’t have serial numbers for items suspected of being stolen,” O’Brien said. “We checked more items than I can accurately count.”

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